Captain DIY on Bigger Pockets Money

The podcast tour continues! Last week I was lucky enough to have an interview aired by the incredibly ladies of the House of FI podcast, and this week the famed Bigger Pockets Money podcast aired my interview with Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen. So cool!

What is Bigger Pockets Money?

A long time ago in a land very far away, a gentleman by the name of Josh Dorkin started a real estate education company called Bigger Pockets that has since grown to become the name in real estate. Seriously, if you’re at all interested in learning about all facets of real estate investment, check them out here.

Not quite as long ago, Scott Trench of Set For Life fame and his co-host Mindy Jensen of 1500 Days fame branched out with a show of their own. This show, as the name implies, is more focused on personal finance. And they had me on there to talk about it!

What’s on the Show?

If you click this link, you’ll be brought over to their site where you can either listen to the show or, terrifyingly enough, watch it, you’ll hear me talk about things such as how I developed my DIY skills, tips on becoming an electrician (and why you might want to do that), how my wife and I came to find the Financial Independence movement, a great new party joke, and a whole lot more!

But enough blabber, head over to Bigger Pockets Money and listen to me blabber!

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 1.45.40 PM

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